Managing menopause and stress throughout corona virus crisis #StressAwarenessMonth2020

Sending you our warmest wishes during these unprecedented times that we are now facing, stay healthy and importantly stay safe.

If you have been affected personally by corona virus or if you have lost a loved one, we are sending you our deepest condolences to you and your family.

Life has changed incredibly for us all, in a blink of an eye. The way we will live our lives going forward will be so different, it will be a journey of discovery for us all.

Have you managed to appreciate the stillness, peace and tranquility during this time? Life has become instantly slower and it is staggering at just how much we were managing to squeeze into our daily lifestyles.

The weather has been glorious thankfully and spring is always a joy to behold with blossom on trees and daffodils swaying in the breeze and sunshine. Baby lambs reminding us of how special this time of year is and the Easter religious weekend.

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A time to spend with family and celebrate life, this Easter will be different for us all. We have all immediately adapted to the new way of life, connecting with others via Facetime, Zoom calls and various online platforms.

Why not make this Easter a special memory with a zoom call with all your family members near and far, record the call and you will always have a recording of a time that you all came together.

You will be able to look back fondly and reflect in years to come. You will have a gift to pass on to younger generations to learn what we were facing during this time.

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It will be no surprise that menopause will not be behaving itself. Menopause has a habit of dipping up and down at times when you are either not expecting it or at times when you really do not need the rollercoaster ride of emotions and symptoms.

Were you able to prepare for these coming months with your HRT or natural remedies to help see you through these times?

Have you noticed some of your symptoms creeping back?

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Insomnia, dry skin and anxiety?

Managing stressful situations and experiencing menopause can become quite tricky as your symptoms can create havoc, then becoming a vicious circle.

It is ok to be worried and anxious at the moment, do not be too hard on yourself. Try to take some time during the day to do an activity that will keep you focused and distracted? Turn off social media and the news as this can become a circle of concern and the news is 24/7 understandably so at this time. Maybe take a day or two from media.

Why not sit down outside in the garden, socially distancing yourself at all times. Make a structured routine, with times during the day that you can make time for you.

You could search a new hobby, a skill, a new language to learn during this time.

Find a nice spot and close your eyes for a 40 winks! If you are having trouble with sleeping.

Make a plan for meals, the best that you can with limited food shopping, eat as much fruit and vegetables possible. Why not take advantage of the good weather and time to start a vegetable patch?

This will help boost your immune system helping you to cope with stress and manage your immune system.

There has never been a better time to exercise, a wealth of exercise classes and fitness experts are committed to helping everyone to stay healthy and fit.

Why not put into your routine, time for exercise each day, try different classes and see which you enjoy?

Keep a symptom chart and diary with your feelings, thoughts and symptoms. When you are able to discuss with your GP, once lockdown and corona virus has disappeared. You will have your notes to discuss your symptoms and you can make an informed choice of how to manage and treat your menopause.

Each day make sure you can grab some fresh air, a walk with current rules permitting, even sitting my the window with some fresh air and sunshine can make you feel so much better.

At the end of the day, run yourself a nice warm bath, play some calming sounds and light a candle. Remember to give yourself some self care time during the coming months, it is important to ensure you are relaxing and unwinding relieving stress. Stress and menopause as mentioned above can then create havoc with your symptoms.

Listen to relaxing podcast, music and take each day as it comes. Do not become too overwhelmed with the “To do list” the list will still be there tomorrow.

Be gentle and take good care of yourselves. Be mindful of stress, with current conditions we are all on high alert. Try to take it easy and go with the pace that we are facing.

Stay safe and stay healthy!!

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1st of April 2020 was the launch day of PeriMenoPodcasts!!

Season one Episode one!

Our first guest was Sam Palmer of MidlifeMakeover, a nurse, an award fitness instructor and menopause expert.

Sam and myself discussed perimenopause and menopause, the transition before perimenopause and how to maintain menopause with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and good nutrition and positive support.

Sam runs fitness classes, online currently due to corona virus and she also runs an online menopause course for women to take part in with 1;1 coaching too.

You can find sam at

Instagram @sammidlifemakeover

Facebook – Midlifemakover

Course details here –

Course programme here –

Book a discovery call to chat about the course here –

Sam is offering a free trial class too –

You can find PeriMenoPost Podcasts at

This week’s Episode 2 will be released on Wednesday 8th April 2020.

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Prior to lockdown, PeriMenoPost was fortunate to have attended the launch of Kathryn Colas, new menopause guide book. “How to survive menopause without losing your head”

A fun and informative afternoon with Kathryn and guests, discussing menopause and Kathryn’s mission to raise more awareness and to provide women with the correct menopause advice and to guide women in the right direction for treatment. Kathryn personally had a bad experience with menopause which she talks openly about. It was lovely to meet Kathryn and her team that day. You can find Kathryn @SimplyHormones – Instagram

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@SimplyHormones – Making sense of Menopause

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Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy Meno’s xxxx

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